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Types of wires and ropes

To meet your needs for wires and ropes, we select our end products based on the perfomance, minimal breaking force and sizes. We have a wide range of products made in our production facility of 2.600 square meters. The facility is equipped with the latest machinery to make the high quality wire ropes and rigging products that are needed for your specific business.

The overhead cranes used for making the products have a capacity of 3 up to 8 tons. Depending on the client requirements, the following types of end products can be produced:

  • steelwirerope slings with soft eyes
  • steelwirerope slings with hard eyes
  • socketed towing- and pennantwires
  • swaged terminals
  • endless lashing grommets
  • cablelaid grommet slings
  • 4-legged sling assemblies
  • 2-legged sling assemblies
  • cablelaid slings
  • cleaning inspection
  • measuring
  • regreasing wirerope