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KSC International sees growth in demand of reels

Recently, steel wire specialist KSC International has seen a growth in the demand of reels. For example, KSC regularly delivered one reel to a client. This number grew to 3 reels per week and recently, the order grew to a whopping 15 reels. The delivery...
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Hoist International and KSC International have moved!

Hoist and lift specialist Hoist International and steel cable specialist KSC International have moved to a shared, new location. Nowadays, you can find us at Zuidzijde 5 in Rozenburg, the Netherlands. We have taken the move as a reason to improve the efficiency of our...
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New website KSC International

We proudly present our new website. In cooperation with our partners, we strive to keep building our web-platform to keep you informed on the latest product, and market developments.