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Van Beest is a leading manufacturer and supplier for a complete program of high quality fittings for lifting chain and steel wire rope.


For over 90 years the production of high tensile shackles has been our core business and competence. Dirk van Beest founded the Van Beest company in 1922, initially as a supplier of iron works to the dredging industry, which was strongly developed in the Sliedrecht area. From the very beginning, the company has been forging shackles. Its ironwork expertise gave the Van Beest shackle an edge over the competition and this was the start of a network of professional users that now stretches across the globe.

Brands: Green Pin® and EXCEL®

In the 1970’s, the trade name Green Pin® was launched to emphasize product quality, recognition and demand worldwide. Our Green Pin® shackles are manufactured in our production unit in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands. It is a genuine “Made in Holland” product. Currently, not only shackles are sold under the name Green Pin®, but also other items, such as sockets, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, loadbinders, etc.

In 2007 Van Beest acquired the brand EXCEL®. Under this brand grade 8 and grade 10 lifting hooks are produced in our French factory. The EXCEL® range of chain accessories is very complete. Everything you need to make a chain assembly is in the program. From the master link to the hook, whether this should be an eye-, swivel-, or clevis hook. And not only in grade 8, but almost every product can also be supplied in grade 10 or stainless steel.


The designs and quality standards of our products are the result of requirements put forward by our customers in markets throughout the world. Our products comply with a wide range of internationally recognized standards and can be supplied with various certificates upon request. Since 1993 our company has been ISO certified by Lloyds; currently we are ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Van Beest has branches in The Netherlands, Germany, France and USA, and stock holding distributors in more than 80 countries worldwide.