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Rope Fittings

Grofsmederij Nieuwkoop B.V. – The Netherlands

Project Detail

Nieuwkoop was a small town where people made a living as peat cutters (peat is an alternative to wood or coal for burning). This work was done throughout the year except for during winter time. In the winter, these people made the hand tools they needed for this work. As a result, there were over 80 blacksmiths in Nieuwkoop. ‘GN Rope Fittings traces its origins back to one of them’.

GN Rope Fittings was founded in 1917 by the Bon brothers under the name Smederij N.G. Bon. In 1938, the company was taken over by the Bodegraven brothers and renamed N.V. Nieuwkoopse Stoomsmederij.

In 1960, this company expanded by merging with Grofsmederij Uithoorn BV and its new owners, the Vossenberg family – who were related to the Bodegraven family. Both companies supplied equipment to the shipping, fishing and offshore industries. After some time, the two companies merged to form Grofsmederij Nieuwkoop BV located in Nieuwkoop.

Today, Grofsmederij Nieuwkoop BV, known internationally as GN Rope Fittings, is one of the leading manufacturers of mooring and heavy lifting accessories in the offshore industry, and is still owned by the Vossenberg family.