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When you need to move materials or people horizontally or vertically, full-service lift and hoist specialist Hoist International is your partner at any lift and hoist challenge. We distinguish ourselves by offering the total package of rental, maintenance and sale. In everything we do, service and reliability are most important.

Hoist International rents and sells a big assortment of lift and hoist equipment, and we can take care of the complete maintenance. Quality is guaranteed by us through applying the EKH policy, through our ISO and VCA certificates, our CSR guidelines, and more. Customers working within (petro)chemicals, power plants, industry, shipping and transport rely on us because of our flexibility, fast delivery, and in-house knowledge and materials.

Are there calamities or do you have emergency activities, of which lifting and hoisting are a part? Our employees are available 24 hours a day. If you are facing an uncommon challenge, our employees are also at your service and are happy to think with you. Service is in the DNA of our organisation.