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De Haan

The solid brand since 1898

Project Detail

De Haan SE is a prominent global player in the field of lifting blocks and wire rope end terminations. Both standard products and customised products are manufactured entirely by our own hands. This means our customer has one central point of contact and can count on De Haan to provide fast and workable advice based on a superior level of expertise. This is how we contribute to the continuity of the production processes of offshore and onshore industries and how we guarantee the continuous high quality of our product life cycle.

Excelling in added value

The strategy adopted by De Haan Special Equipment is translated into concrete factors. These are aimed at the guarantee of supply excellence for our customers and a challenging working environment for our employees. In this context, we strive for increased turnover and profit in the long term, thereby securing the continuity of our enterprise. However, the success of our mission and the objectives mentioned cannot merely be measured through turnover; we are aware of the great importance of the value ascribed to us by our clients.

Mission: our ambitions

De Haan Special Equipment contributes to the continuity and quality of the working process of the customer through sound advice and quality products. As an ambitious service provider we provide optimum services, translating your wishes into solid lifting blocks or wire rope end terminations.

With the help of this mission – based on extensive knowledge and years of experience – we provide added value. We anticipate our client’s needs in an innovative manner and offer the necessary capacity. We believe that both the client’s interests and the current quality and safety regulations are our central aims. This is how De Haan Special Equipment maintains its prominent position as market leader.