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KSC International celebrates 40 years of success in 2016

Our company was founded in 1976 by Trefil-Arbed, the steel wire subsidiary of the steel manufacturer ARBED (currently known as Arcelor-Mittal). We had to fulfill a vision of producing high quality end connections for offshore and shipping. Our products were meant for both partner factories as well as existing and potential clientele through local supply and production.

By employing professionals and support staff from our local manufacturing plants, KSC quickly earned a great reputation. During the 90’s both national international Service Centers of the KSC group were acquired by Pfeifer, based in Memmingen. In 2002 part of our activities were carried out under the name Floatex KSC BV. Through the year we showed the same dedication and expertise.

We are currently located in Sliedrecht, near Rotterdam with our modernized machine park and testing facilities. Besides our work in shipping and offshore we grew our business to other industries and have completed other high profile projects. For example: Willemsbrug in Rotterdam, including the art piece “de Waslijn”.

In 2013 Hoist international acquired KSC and the company strengthened its position in the market under the name KSC International. After 40 years we still strive to be the leader and pioneer in the industry. KSC is set on providing the best solutions for the next 40 years as well.